*Dr. Manasa S., Dr. Ramesh M. and Dr. Sunita Siddhesh


Menstruation is a specific event that characterizes womanhood and encompasses about 32 to 38 years of her life. i.e from 12years to 50years. However, at times it disturbs the woman in terms of kashtarthava [dysmenorrhoea], arthava kshaya [oligomenorrhoea & hypomenorrhoea], atyartava, raktapradara [menorrhoea] etc.. “ॠतौ भवति आर्तवं” That which occurs in a cyclical manner is Artava. Artava kshaya is one of the important diseases pertaining to artava. आर्तव क्षये यथोचित काले अदर्शनं अल्पता वा योनि वेदना च। It is characterised by delayed, scanty menstruation associated with pain in vagina. Artava kshaya is due to avarana by doshas like Kapha or Vata or Kapha-vata. In modern perspective the PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome) mainly carries the features of artavakshya, kaphadusti & medodusti. Recent statistics on PCOS shows its occurrence in 2.2% to 26% of all women in reproductive age group with symptoms like menstrual abnormalities and an-ovulation causing profound disturbances in physical, psychological, spiritual and social well-being of the woman irrespective of race, religion or nationality. Classical literature of Ayurveda prescribe in this condition – “तत्र संशोधनं आग्नेयानां च द्रव्याणां विधिवत् उपयोगः।” i.e Shodhana & Agneya dravya upayoga. According to Dalhana, in the context of Artava kshaya, Shodhana involves “VAMANA”. Vamana karma does the soumya dhatu nirharana. In case of PCOS, due to increased kapha dosha & medo vriddi, it leads to artava vaha sroto dusti and hampers the jatharagni as well as subsequent formation of rasa dhatu. Vamana karma reduces kapha vriddi & medo vriddi by improving jataragni & quality of rasa dhatu resulting in formation of prakrita artava and restoration of normal artava chakra. Hence this presentation is aimed at highlighting the importance of vamana karma in artavakshaya W.S.R to PCOS.

Keywords: Artava kshaya, PCOS, Vamana karma, Ayurveda.

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